1x1 Trestle - Dining Table

1x1 Trestle - Dining Table


Designed by Studiomama 
Made from solid oak and oak veneer. Finished in clear oak 5% gloss lacquer with a reversible oak and coloured Linoleum top (various colours available).  

L220 x D100 x H75cm 


Also available with a Glass Top 

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The 1x1 Trestles are versatile and multifunctional with simple yet playful characteristics. They can be used in many different ways to support table tops that have different material/colour finishes on both sides. Also a single trestle can function as a side table or a coffee table.

"We often strive to achieve a degree of multi-functionality where possible in our work. Our hope is that our work will not date and have a degree of longevity so they can be passed onto future generations.” - Studiomama

The 1x1 Trestle dining table is finished in clear lacquered oak frames, with a reversible Oak and Linoleum top available in a variety of colours. Linoleum is a natural material made from vegetable linseed oil, pine rosin, wood flour and natural colour pigments. Finished with a protective water-based acrylic. The surface has an earthy, solid quality, with a matt look and warm touch.


The surface is extremely durable, actively resisting the build-up of static charges and preventing dust or dirt from sticking, ensuring that the material remains unblemished, hygienic, clean and fingerprint free! 


Another Brand designer's and manufacturer's collaboration allows for bespoke pieces to be manufactured according to individual needs. Visit our Bespoke section for more details.



Danish designer Nina Tolstrup founded Studiomama in 2000 with husband and design collaborator Jack Mama. True to Nina’s Scandinavian roots, simplicity and integrity are the trademarks of her work; a pared-down, contemporary but characterful aesthetic combined with a democratic belief in good design for all. A passionate belief in designing for the real world go a long way to explaining the timeless and unpretentious qualities of the studio’s work. But whilst Studiomama’s work can be simple, honest and minimal it is always playfulness, releverant and humorous.