Lastra Rectangular Table

Lastra Rectangular Table


Designed by Emile Jones 
Made of solid oak & oak veneer. Oak finished with a clear 5% gloss lacquer. The surfaces are covered with a coloured Linoleum (various colours available). 

L180 x D90 x H75cm 

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Lastra's bold characteristics and strong architectural form, comes from its generous legs and top combined with simple yet sculptural details. Finished in a delicate combination of materials and colours. The Lastra range includes tables and storage for all areas of the home.


Lastra is finished with a clear lacquer on oak and a unique Linoleum top available in a variety of colours. Linoleum is a natural material made of linseed oil, pine rosin, wood flour and natural colour pigments, which are then finished with a protective water-based lacquer. The surface has an earthy, solid quality with a matt look and warm touch.


The surface is extremely durable: actively resisting the build-up of static charges, preventing dust or dirt from sticking, it ensures that the material remains unblemished, hygienic, clean and fingerprint free! 


Another Brand designer's and manufacturer's collaboration allows for bespoke pieces to be manufactured according to individual needs. Visit our Bespoke section for more details.



Designed By Emile Jones

Originally trained as a bespoke furniture maker, Emile Jones now works over a range of design disciplines across a number of platforms; including everything from branding to packaging.

The bases for his work originates from a belief in simple, innovative and honest form, he designs with a focus on every element; down to the last detail, and, above all, creates things that are useful.