Primo Tavolini (set of 3)

Primo Tavolini (set of 3)


Designed by Theo Williams
Made from solid oak and oak veneer in different colours, heights and diameters. 

Low W35 x H24cm, Mid W40 x H34cm, Tall W30 x H44cm 

Finish Options: 

  1. Yellow, Petrol Blue, Stone Grey with Latte Oak Legs 
  2. Petrol Blue, Deep Purple, Stone Grey with Latte Oak Legs 
  3. Latte Oak, Petrol Blue, Pastel Blue with Latte Oak Legs 
  4. Latte Oak, Light Grey, Stone Grey with Latte Oak Legs 
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Tavolini, (Italian for small table) is a collection of ranges that are functional and can be adapted for use in the dining room, living room, office, bedroom or hall.

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The products are beautifully packaged in a box specially designed and manufactured for the range; for quick and simple assembly.