Celebrating the Craftsmanship of our Wood Furniture


Celebrating the Craftsmanship of our Wood Furniture

As London celebrates Craft Week, makers and designers have the opportunity to highlight and focus on the craftsmanship of their products. Another Brand is no exception. Our wood furniture ranges are beautifully made in a close collaboration between designer and manufacturer.

Choosing a piece of Wood Furniture is driven by a desire for durability, beauty and a sense of craftsmanship. We work closely with our wood suppliers to ensure high-quality materials for all our designs. This includes sourcing all our wood sustainably, and we make sure all the materials come from well-managed forests.


Caring for your Lacquered Wood Furniture

To stay at its best, Lacquered wood furniture like our Legna Sofa and Lastra collections will benefit from care, love and attention.  Furniture with lacquer surfaces should be dusted with a dry cloth. Spray polishes are best avoided as they may spoil the furniture’s surface by building up over time. 

Wood Furniture will retain its finish when kept out of direct sunlight, which can cause the colour of real wood to change. 

With regular care, your lacquered wood pieces will stand the test of time, and retain their beauty.


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