Say hello to the Lato Collection by Another Brand


Say hello to the Lato Collection by Another Brand

The Lato Collection was created to simply provide a versatile, well-crafted storage solution that could easily compliment any living space. The combination of vertical and horizontal lines, along with its high quality material and finish, means that Lato can display anything beautifully including books, glassware, and treasured objects.

All Lato products are adaptable and multifaceted in their design. They feature open sides, both to provide easy access and also to display the shelves contents in multiple ways. The product has no back allowing it to be placed against a wall, or perhaps used as a room divider. Each unit is also reversible giving Lato complete freedom to fit into any room comfortably.

The range is available in Side Table, Coffee Table, Console & Tall Shelving with the colour option of Oak, Off-White, Olive and Charcoal.


Designed By Emile Jones

Originally trained as a bespoke furniture maker, Emile now works over a range of design disciplines across a number of platforms.

The basis and approach for his work stems from an understanding for materials, manufacturing, brand and retail, following the product from concept to consumer. Resulting is simple, innovative and honest design, with a focus on every element down to the last detail, and above all useful.


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