Fill Your Space With Sound


Fill Your Space with Sound

Curating a space for Home Listening is essential for any audiophile. It’s a place to appreciate and present a collection that often reflects a lifetime’s pursuit. Classical, Electronic, Samba, Rock, whatever your preference our range of solid wood open shelving and AV units provide the perfect backdrop for displaying whatever format you listen to, Vinyl, CD’s, Mixtapes, Analog or Digital equipment, and any combination that fills your space with sound.


Discerning music lovers want their stereo to look as good as their interiors; pleasing the eyes and the ears.


Technology brand Sonos are well versed in combining incredible sound quality with interior-led products. Having launched a limited series of Sonos One at the Salone de Mobile earlier this year, a new edition of the Play:5 by artist Barry McGee celebrating the Beastie Boys will be available from, as well as Sonos Store Berlin and Rough Trade East London from December 12. 

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