Bringing the Outside In


Bringing the Outside In

Breathe new life into your interiors with air-purifying house plants. A desktop, dining table or open shelving unit -like our solid wood or contrasting marble surface furniture - can provide the perfect backdrop for your own mini jungle.

Houseplants bring both colour and texture to our interior environments. They can also significantly improve the air quality; a bonus for those living in urban locations. Styling with indoor plants in the workplace or home, can bring physical wellbeing while offering a huge variety of visual elements to your Interior space.


Design-led interior planting studio RoCo are ‘dedicated to enhancing urban spaces around London with purifying, impactful greenery.’ They have compiled a list of plants that can improve our air quality and are all readily available and affordable.

  1. Areca palm

  2. Aloe Vera

  3. Bamboo palm

  4. Boston fern

  5. Peace lily

  6. Dracaena

  7. English ivy (also known to remove toxins)

Pair these suggested plants with our Lastra, Favo and Studiomama ranges; all of which feature the clean lines and pared-down aesthetic suited to styling with plants of all shapes, sizes and species. You can check out RoCo’s book for further inspiration on cultivating indoor greenery.

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