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Mosaico Wood Tiles

100% recycled wood mosaic tiles for all interior surfaces


The Mosaico Wood tiles are a brand new surface material from Another Brand. Made from 100% recycled. We have developed the product with our factory to utilise wood used in the production of furniture. meaning the product uses materil that would overwise go to waste. Each tile is hand made.




The tiles are available in three different woods; Ash, Oak and Thurmo Oak. All the tiles have a Lacquered finish and are ready to use straight out the box, requiring zero finishing whilst also being water resistant and suitable for all applications; floor, wall, tabletop, etc. Our specially developed Thurmo Oak is kiln dried for 6 months to reduce the moisture contact to 0.5%, meaning these tiles can be used in places with constant contact with water, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Washrooms, We have even used to line a swimming pool!

5 Shapes


The tiles are available in 5 unique patterns, each pattern offers a different way of using the tiles. The tiles come on a net backing ready to be applied to any wall with conventional tile grout.